How To Cast Ancient Voodoo Spells
With Life Changing Results


By Janet Jacobs. Contributing Spiritual Editor. Updated Friday, August 7, 2020.

Do you believe in Voodoo Spells and Lwas?

Voodoo is described as a set of religious beliefs and underground rituals originating from colonial French Catholicism and African culture. Voodoo cultural form is followed by French, Spanish, African Americans and its practice is also widely visible in Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, and other Antillean areas.

The meaning of Voodoo is “spirit” according to the Fon language. This force is powerful and mysterious which can affect daily life of believer. Although voodoo is shown as evil in cinemas, voodoo worships are not used for bad purposes. It’s a myth that voodoo is all about black magic, zombies, raising the dead.

At the same time many characteristics of Pagan and catholic religion are common in voodoo practices. Now days, voodoo is exercised by many people and it’s widespread in Africa, the Caribbean and America.

Much variation exists in acts and rituals performed, still foremost principles remains intact: to heal the individual person in relation with him/her, with others and finally with their supreme power. Voodoo has its origin in Africa.

African slaves took it with them to America, Caribbean countries and they gradually changed some rituals to look identical with worship practices of their owners. Substitution of true names of gods, ancestral spirits with Catholic saint’s is a very good example of this change.

Voodoo preachers gradually distinguished the similarities between their belief and Catholics.

Ancestor worship has great importance in voodoo rituals and prayers, but in a very different method. The dead ancestors are believed to be living with us in this world as spirits.

Voodoo practices include exploration of one’s soul so that each person must be able to communicate with the spirit forces. Voodoo has many myths and misconceptions glued to its name.

Thanks to mainstream cinema, people who do not know anything about voodoo take it for black magic.

Myth of human sacrifice in voodoo started in late 1800 and children were believed to be most valuable offerings. Actually sacrifice itself is prohibited in voodoo as it is based upon principles of no harm to others. Another myth is voodoo dolls.

Movies always show dolls with pins inside them being used to cause pain and harm to another fellow. This is against the basic principle once again.

As a matter of fact Voodoo dolls are used at the altars in worship and they represent loas. Loas are the spirits dwelling in human body and they are also called orishas. They are similar as saint in the Catholics.

Voodoo worships demand an initial ritual performance by the voodoo priest. If any person has problems in life and priest finds that it caused by any loa, the worship will please loa and problems will be sorted out.

The dead ancestors which may be angry or unhappy at the devotee due to any mistake committed by him will also be pleased by the ritual. The worship starts with a mock death of victim and this is sole reason of myth of human sacrifice.

Voodoo worship is a tool which can solve many problems of daily life. Although it must be learnt carefully and used with caution. A good teacher can accomplish this task very comfortably.

Every person has or her own “Loa” or spiritual guide, you just need to contact and feel it.

Voodoo spells can help you achieve:

  • Success Money and prosperity.
  • Love and fidelity.
  • Relationships Blessings.
  • Physical and emotional healing.
  • Fertility Justice Dreams Health and well being.

You can make a list as long as you want. In one line, Voodoo can give you solution for problems you are facing in your life. A Voodoo ritual demands various materials.

These can vary based on rituals but some common things are-candle and herbs, Ceremonial dances, ritual songs, use of objects, and relationship of colors.

Some special rituals also need animal sacrifices. Most used and explored rituals are lost love spells, spiritual protection spells and pregnancy spells.

The cultural ideals that Voodoo embraces focuses upon practicing honour and respect to the Gods, to the spirits, to the family and society, and most importantly, to oneself.

Welcome to the “How To” guide to all things Voodoo! I will be your guide into this mysterious and fascinating world beneath the veil.

The first and only rule in all magic, whether Wiccan, Pagan, Voodoo or Hoodoo is do not to hurt anyone, for what you send out will return to you three fold, Good or Bad. This is the universal law of Karma, so be warned!!

Do not undertake Voodoo Spells lightly; consider all the other possibilities before resorting to Voodoo. True magic practitioners in any culture, live and breathe magic in every aspect of their daily lives.

They respect the laws and rules put in place to protect their faith and honour their Gods. So this is something you need to respect too.

What can seem harmless fun can, if done foolishly create nasty problems within your life. But if you stick to the rules and use your spells for good,you will find your life turning out for the better.

Before you can use voodoo spells, you must first understand its history and the place from where the power flows. Rather than bore going into the history of Voodoo and its origins, I am going to give a very quick over view of the important points you need to know.

Voodoo Spells and what you must know.

This is so that your journey into the world of Voodoo Spells will be precise and to the point, whilst honouring its heritage. One animal features within the Voodoo faith more than others and this is the serpent. The word Voodoo, translated is said to be “the snake under whose auspices gather all who share the faith”.

The Papa (the high priest) and/or the Mambo (priestess) are the vassals for the serpent to express its power.

In Voodoo there is one supreme deity, Bondye, a boundless entity which presides over the spirit world but is not directly worshipped.

There are hundreds of spirits who are called Lwas. They are the lesser divinities which are central to worship. The Lwas are not gods, but they are most powerful ancestral spirits who were once great men and women, Kings/Queens and divine messengers.

Lwas control nature, health, wealth and the happiness of all mortals. During Voodoo spell ceremonies these Lwas can possess the bodies of the participants; Lwas appear by “possessing” the faithful, who in turn become the Lwas, relaying advice, warnings and desires.

Voodoo is an animist faith. That is, objects and natural phenomena are believed to possess holy significance, to possess a soul.

It is important to understand which Lwas governs which situation you seek to manipulate.

Below I have written abrief overview of each Lwas you are likely to come into contact with for the spells I have provided for you.

LwasLegba – Legba is the guardian of crossroads. Legba is the most important Lwas he must be honoured before any other Loa, and it is he who opens the doors between the worlds.

He is the one you honour when casting your circle as he is the one who enables you to communicate with the other Lwas. Legba controls the Good forces of the spirit world, the Lwas of the day.

The other Lwas will not communicate with you unless you have completed this first important step as they need his permission.

Kalfu – Kalfu is Legba’s twin his opposite. Kalfu also controls the crossroads but the in-between points, the off centre points. Kalfu controls the evil forces of the spirit world, the Lwas of the night. He allows the crossing of misfortune, injustice, bad luck and revenge.

If your purpose is for any of these things then this is the “guardian of the gates” you need to honour first before any spell casting is completed. As always I issue you with a warning, if your heart is impure and evil is your goal beware the three fold rule!!

Marassa (Mawu-Lisa) – the Marassa are the divine twins, the first man and woman, the first ancestors. They are the Yin and Yang. The balance to life of good and bad. Similar to the scales, they are the Lwas you honour when asking for truth and justice.

Erzuli – The embodiment of femininity and love. Similar to the goddess Venus she is the Lwas of beauty, love, health and goodness.

But Erzuli also has a “dark” side and controls righteous anger, revenge, jealousy and is a protector of women and avenger of domestic violence.

Ghede – Ghede is to the underworld what Legba is to life. He is who controls access to the afterlife. He is many other things as well. He is the Lwas of sexuality, keeper of the cemetery, primary contact to the dead, the clown, the see all/know all, protector of children and the last resort to healing when all else has failed.

He is generous with his information and if you ask him a question he will answer truthfully and to the point. Including Voodoo Spells.

Ogoun – Ogoun is the Lwas of power, politics and law. He also gives great inner and outer strength to those that seek it.Ayezan – Ayezan is Legba’s wife/counterpart.

She is the one who rights the wrongs. She punishes those who make mistakes, not to be nasty but to help them learn and correct their behaviour for the better in the future.

She especially punishes those who take advantage of the young, the rich of the poor, husband of the wife and the strong of the weak. She is believed to be able to purify surroundings and cleanse the soul.

Ayida – Ayida is the mother figure. She is the rainbow. Her symbol is also a serpent. She is quite submissive and very delicate. It is said that she is the Lwas who controls wealth.

Dumballah – He is Ayida’s husband and also symbolized as a serpent. Together they control fertility in all aspects. He also controls marriage, he will keep a marriage together and strong if asked.

Loco – Loco is the main God of healing. He is associated with trees and herbs, when working with these things give thanks to him and honour him and he will help.

Obatala – This Lwas is responsible for the forming of the foetus in the womb. During a fertility spells it is best to offer this Lwas thanks and prayer to aid the child to be healthy.

WARNING: Before you proceed…The Casting of Spells must be used wisely.

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